Flowers in  Resin


Just Brides offer a service to all brides to have select flowers from their bouquets dried and redesigned in a modern resin form as a beautiful 3D organic keepsake.

The preserved blooms are suspended in liquid resin which looks as clear as glass and reflects the light to create a unique piece of handmade fine art. Each piece is designed in our Perth studio and exclusive to brides in Western Australia.

Purchase gifts directly from our gift shop or make a reservation to have your bouquet preserved.

   Make a  Reservation 

A reservation holds your spot in our production line up. We can only accept a limited number of flower deliveries per month, so we recommend paying your deposit and reserving your spot as soon as you can.


The cost of the reservation goes towards the total cost of your order. Once your place has been secured we will be in touch to discuss which preserving options (Pressing or Resin) you would like to order.


An invoice will be emailed to you with the balance, less the reservation cost. Please ensure your balance is paid in full (4 Weeks) prior to your wedding date. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY FLOWERS UNTIL YOUR BALANCE HAS BEEN PAID. 


The   Process

Resin flower craft consists of drying flowers and foliage in a fine silica sand to withdraw the moisture. The shape of the flower remains the same while the colour is mostly retained. A slight variant in colour will occur during the drying stage. 

A resin mixture is processed and poured into moulds in several stages with the flowers inserted at different times. The curing, sanding and polishing of each piece is then required to achieve a glass like finish.


It is important to understand that this style of flower preservation requires much patience and can take up to 6 weeks for your bespoke heirloom piece of art.

Flower   Tips

To ensure we achieve the highest level of preservation we request that flower bouquets are best delivered the next morning after your wedding day while they are still retaining some freshness, to our studio in Rossmoyne, Perth.


The fresher the better. Re-cut the flower stems (1 cm off) if you can and allow them to drink again in clean water, in a cool area and away from direct sun.

The aim is to ensure that the flowers do not start wilting or discolouring before we can start processing them. Even flowers that are typically reliable, will not dry nicely if they are not in great shape. 

Your resin art will last forever. To help prevent yellowing of the resin over the years, you should keep your artwork out of direct sunlight. You can clean it with a soft, microfiber cloth such as you would use to clean your sunglasses or tech devices.

Dried   Flowers

If you have a pre-loved wedding bouquet that you have hung and dried, we are more than happy to design your flowers into resin. As long as there is no sign of mold they will be fine.

If your flowers are on the larger size (Peony or Roses) then you will need to consider a larger resin block. If it's smaller design pieces you're after then your flowers will be gently pulled apart to accommodate a smaller art work.

Choose from a range of resin pieces to spread your flowers around or have them all designed into one that's larger.

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