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Just Brides offer a service to all brides throughout Australia to have their wedding bouquets pressed and redesigned in a modern frame as an organic keepsake.

The pressed blooms when framed have a soft and whimsical appeal that reflects on a century old craft of flower preservation.  Each frame is designed in our Perth studio and exclusive to brides Australia wide.

Purchase gifts directly from our gift shop or make a reservation to have your bouquet preserved.





   Make a Reservation 


A reservation is our preferred option to ensure we are available to preserve your bouquet. We also understand that preserving may be a last minute decision. So many brides have told us they didn't realise how much they would love there flowers and are desperate to preserve them. It is very rare that we would ever want to say no, however your reservation will give you priority in the queue to have your order completed sooner.


The cost of the reservation goes towards the total cost of your order. Once your place has been secured we will be in touch to discuss which preserving options (Pressing or Resin) you would like to order.


An invoice will be emailed to you with your preserving order and the remaining balance, less the reservation cost. Payment in full is required prior to you collecting your order. 


The   Process


Pressed flower craft consists of drying flower petals and leaves in a flower press to flatten and retain colour with minimal fading. Pressing flowers makes them appear flat, and there is often a change in colour, ranging from faded colours to a greater intensity of vibrant colours.


Flower bouquets are best delivered to us the next day or two after your wedding day while they are still retaining some freshness, to our studio in Rossmoyne, Perth.


Just Brides also accept interstate bouquets from brides. Even though they are not always in their optimal condition when they arrive we have always been able to save a lot and create some beautiful keepsakes.

Please allow 3 to 4 months for completion of your order especially during peak wedding season. 


Due to the natural drying process of flowers it is expected for flowers to change colour tone, which is unavoidable. Just the same if you were to hang your fresh bouquet for drying, you would see the change in colour as they dried out.


White flowers tend to go more ivory, the pink flowers have the tendency to change to a mauve shade and the peachy colour flowers become pinker. You will need to consider the colour changes as the flowers will no longer be the exact match to your bouquet however we will do colour touch ups to get as close to the natural colour.

When customers deliver their bouquets to press, we press only enough flowers to suit the size and style of your order. Depending upon the frame size we will create up to 3 beautiful designs for you to select your favourite before continuing with the final piece.

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