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When you're as passionate about flowers as we are at

Just Brides our journey starts well before the preservation stage. It's a natural process from growing, to sourcing and foraging for blooms to the complete process of bouquet design and wedding day styling.


So it seems only fitting that we also show the same love for preserving and cherishing you memories. Having your flowers pressed and framed or dried and suspended in clear resin allows your bouquet to be forever immortalised and on display to enjoy long after your wedding day.

Reservations are recommended to ensure your flowers are guaranteed to be preserved within our 3 to 4 month time frame. 

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   Make a Reservation 

A reservation holds your spot in our production line up. We can only accept a limited number of flower deliveries per month, so we recommend paying your deposit and reserving your spot as soon as you can.


The cost of the reservation goes towards the total cost of your order. Once your place has been secured we will be in touch to discuss which preserving options (Pressing or Resin) you would like to order.


An invoice will be emailed to you with the balance, less the reservation cost. Please ensure your balance is paid in full prior to collection of your order.


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To ensure we achieve the highest level of preservation we request that flower bouquets are best delivered within 2 days after your wedding day while they are still retaining some freshness, to our studio in Rossmoyne, Perth.


The fresher the better. Re-cut the flower stems (1 cm off) if you can and allow them to drink again in clean water, place in the fridge or a cool area, away from direct sun. 

The aim is to ensure that the flowers do not start wilting or discolouring before we can start processing them. Even flowers that are typically reliable, will not dry nicely if they are not in great shape. 



Give your flowers the best chance of surviving their journey to Perth by purchasing some Water Vials from your florist.                     

These plastic tubes with lids can be filled with water and pushed over the end of each flower stem. Ensure you cut 1cm off the bottom    of each stem again before placing the water vials over the stem ends and into the box for postage. Focus more so on the flower stems    as the leaves are a lot more hardy.

Flower   Tips

Before you think of sending your bouquet we suggest some basic house rules to keep your flowers as happy and healthy as possible.


Pack a pair of secateurs in your overnight bag on your wedding night.


At the end of the night cut 1cm off the stems of the bouquet and place directly into a vase of water to re-hydrate.  If you can, place them in a fridge to stay cool

When you're ready to box up the flowers, consider using soft tissue paper scrunched up or air bags from the post office to prevent the flowers bouncing around in the box. Please DO NOT put a plastic bag over the flowers! This will cause the flowers to sweat and go mouldy. 

Send Express Post - Air if possible. It's slightly more expensive than standard express post but it will arrive to Perth much sooner. 

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