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We are in a time where literally anything goes. With Pinterest handy it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, but a good florist can guide you in the right direction.


It’s important to discuss, of course, time of year and knowing what is in season and available for your time of year. We live in a state that gets very warm out. So it’s always good to discuss what will survive heat especially in the months between October and March. 

When choosing a bouquet of course style is important. There are so many different styles now. When choosing a florist, I think it is also most important to find someone who shares your vision and style for your big day.

If you love our signature blooms and want to work with us, know that we can help guide you in the right direction. 


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Just like fashion, the world of floristry comes in and out of trends. It's like a complete life-cycle of colours and styles, shapes and sizes. I think it's wonderful now to have so many options to choose, whether it be classic neutral tones that never date, modern and edgy designs that have an abstract theme, monochrome colour palettes, or dark and moody with jewel tones. Even more surprising to see is the resurgence of dried and preserved foliage's. Something I worked with many moons ago, but have now come back better than ever before. It's an exciting time to be a bride, so enjoy your floral and styling  journey.

Peach Flower Traditional Love Quote Inst
Peach Flower Traditional Love Quote Inst
Peach Flower Traditional Love Quote Inst