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I've always had a passion for nature and it's beauty. The form of a flower, the texture of a leaf and the brilliant kaleidoscope of colours. I think I always knew from when I was a young girl that my passion for flowers and gardening would lead me in an artistic direction.


Knowing what colour tones harmonize with each other and unique flower forms work together has guided me to my signature style of floristry.

Flower design is a craft that allows me to have a creative outlet and work in an industry that brings joy and happiness to others.

Wedding Reception at Burswood on Swan - Perth
Wedding Stylist and Florist Perth Western Australia

The   Small  


It is the finer details that can make all of the difference to the overall look and feel of your day. I always tell people " I'm the first to arrive and the last to leave". It's so true!

I know what my clients brief is and I ensure that every flower, candle holder, napkin or glass is perfect to the eye and meets expectations.

I would expect no less, as if it is my own wedding!

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Video Credit: Mullermind Creative Weddings

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