Favours can be so much fun or classic and practical. There are so many options to choose from the style and look is up to you but most importantly they must reflect your style and personality. Remember to select your favours that will also compliment your table décor and flowers. Consider the ribbon colour, tags, trims, charms or rhinestone buckles. The favours are an important part of the visual aspect of your wedding reception and a wonderful gift idea to give back to your guests to show your love and appreciation.

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  • Favour Bags

    An amazingly versatile favour bag can hold such a large variety of wedding gifts from roc candy, to jelly beans, biscuits and chocolates. There is sure to be something perfectly suited to your gift and wedding theme. We have a stunning range of unique and personalised bags that will be a sure hit with your family and loved ones.

  • Favour Boxes

    You have an amazing gift idea but now you need a special box to package it in. Then look no further than the complete range of wedding favour boxes that we have in stock. From elegant glass and ceramic to natural woven textiles and wooden elements you are guaranteed to find plenty of inspiration for that perfect keepsake.

  • Novelty Favours

    Novelty Favours are an amusing gift for your guests and a part of your table decoration that adds an element of excitement and humour to your wedding reception. Novelty doesn’t have to mean they're not practical. Novelty pens, notepads, salt & pepper shakers and magnets are just a few examples of our extensive range. Have some fun making your selection.

  • Favour Containers

    Have fun and be creative when deciding upon the most unique favour container for that special keepsake or wedding memento. You won’t find a better way to show your love and appreciation than sharing your special treat in a container that perfectly reflects your personality and wedding theme.

  • Tags Trims and...

    Charms and trims are the perfect way to add character to your wedding favours, invitations, flowers or candle decorations. In fact the options are endless for what a cute little charm can decorate. Put a special mark on the celebrations with coordinating embellishments that compliment your wedding theme or stationary.

  • Rubber Stamps

    Get creative with personalised and travel inspired stamps that can be used to decorate stationary that guests can write onto in a unique guest book. Personalised stamps are a perfect way of adding your design touch and personality to stationary, linen, fabric bags, favours or dressing up drinking coasters, napkins are other table décor. A fun way off adding some interest and a crafty touch you’re your special day.

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