Candle Holders

Candle light at your ceremony and reception always creates a relaxed and ambient atmosphere with a soft flickering glow that can reflect colours and cast shapes across a room. With so many styles now available it’s important to find holders that coordinate well with your theme and venue decor.

Our candlesticks holders tall and short are now more popular than ever in gold, silver, glass, crystal and antique finishes. They are perfect for creating some additional height on tablescapes and look beautiful surrounded by floral centrepieces and tableware. Just be sure to check with your venue on candle policy as some like the candlesticks to have glass surrounds to prevent candle wax dripping and of course reducing fire risk.

Tea light candle holders are a great design element on tables with many colours and textures now available. Mercury glass is especially beautiful and highly reflective while allowing the glow of the candle to shine through the glass. Have a look at our range of colours available for hire and be sure to mix and match tea lights and candlesticks together for a balanced and exciting table design.

Our range of candle holders are available for hire as a DIY option or can be incorporated into a custom package which includes our delivery and styling service.

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