Flowers to Wear

Brides, it's time to channel your inner flower child! Garden-fresh hair accessories add a casual and romantic vibe to any bridal ensemble. Wearing fresh flower accessories is a cool idea for every bride, this is especially actual in spring and summer. Fresh flowers can match any bridal look: rustic, beach, boho chic, modern, glam or any other. Brides usually rock the same flowers in the bouquet and hair to get a chic united look, and if you have a certain color scheme, try to choose blooms in these shades, too.


Updo hairstyles are very popular among brides because they are long-lasting and look awesome. You can find lots of options: twisted, curly, braided, messy, elegant or swept to the side. If you’re a lucky owner of long hair, there’s probably nothing prettier than a Half Updo for you on a wedding day. This hairstyle also fits medium length hair and both thick and thin locks. It holds the attention on your face, reveals the neck just a little bit yet shows the gorgeous length of your shiny locks. Both hairstyles are a great option to wear fresh flowers, and show off your gorgeous locks.

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